Minor in Latin American Studies - Politics in Latin America POLI 3360   Politics in Latin America
This seminar for advanced undergraduates examines one of the world’s most dynamic, diverse and rapidly changing regions. It surveys Latin America’s search for democracy from colonial to contemporary times. Students examine differing perspectives on the nature of democracy and explore Latin American political history and development, including the indigenous foundations, the colonial impositions, and more recent foreign intervention. The course examines political structures and values, the authoritarian presidency, military politicization, party competition and electoral politics. The course also examines state-society relations, the immense inequality, the changing role of women, the remobilization of indigenous peoples, the impact of liberalization, and reactions to liberalization from civil society. The course concludes by examining prospects for consolidation of democracy and liberalization in the contemporary era of globalization, the significance of the revitalization of the political left, and the implications for scholarly interpretations.
FORMAT: Seminar
PREREQUISITES: POLI 2300.03 or POLI 2350.03 or POLI 2520.03 or INTD 2001.03 or INTD 2002.03 or SPAN 2109.03 or SPAN 2110.03 or POLI 2301.03 or POLI 2302.03 or SOSA 3168.03 or HIST 2384.03 or HIST 2385.03 or HIST 2386.03 or HIST 2387.03 or HIST 3390.03 recommended