Minor in Food Bioscience - Food Microbiology (A) DE MCRA 4001   Food Microbiology (A) DE
This course is designed to teach students basic and advanced aspects of the microbiology of foods. A combination of lectures and laboratory exercises will be used to provide students with a theoretical and practical knowledge of food microbiology. The focus will be on the role of microorganisms in quality, safety, preservation and shelf life of food products. The occurrence and prevalence of food-borne pathogenic microorganisms will be examined. Food associated microbiomes and emerging food pathogens will be discussed. Methods to detect food related microorganisms will be compared and quality assurance and sanitation strategies to control the microbiological quality and safety of foods will be discussed. Laboratory portion of the course will incorporate molecular biology techniques for detection of food-related microorganisms and fermentation processes including wine and soft cheese preparation. Discussion of specific examples of microbial processes in food will be incorporated.
FORMAT: Online Delivery
PREREQUISITES: MCRA 2000.03 or equivalent
EXCLUSIONS: AGRI 5660.03, FOSC 3080.03, MCRA 3000.03