Minor in Environmental Science - Introductory Biology I: Cells, Genetics & Evolution BIOL 1020   Introductory Biology I: Cells, Genetics & Evolution
Biology 1020.03 is the equivalent of BIOL 1010.03, and is offered primarily online in the fall, winter and summer terms. Topics include cell and molecular biology, genetics, and evolution. High school mathematics, chemistry, and biology is recommended. Learning activities include readings, quizzes, interactive multimedia, online labs, home labs, and recorded lectures.
NOTES: Students planning to take further courses in Biology or Marine Biology should read the Program Requirements for these degrees. Midterm and final exams must be written on a Dalhousie campus.
FORMAT: Online Delivery
FORMAT COMMENTS: Please see timetable notes for more details about taking this course, including the technology and software requirements.
EXCLUSIONS: BIOL 1010.03, SCIE 15XX, BIOA 1002.03