Minor in Environmental Science - Rural Society: Life Outside the City SOSA 3211   Rural Society: Life Outside the City
Despite localised concerns about shrinking and ageing rural populations, much of the world's population, even today, lives in rural settings. But rurality has changed over the centuries, it varies around the world, and it is interdependent with life in cities. In our digital, global age, living in rural communities does not necessarily mean being isolated. Yet rural communities are still distinctive—they present different challenges for young people looking for new experiences, for elderly people who want to age in place, for policy makers trying to deliver public services. Their economies are often highly dependent on unpredictable global markets, and their liveihoods and cultures can be deeply affected by changes in the natural environment. This course examines continuity and change in a range of rural contexts across several continents including North America, and encourages students to consider the notion of “development” from alternative perspectives. Approved with International Development Studies.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: One SOSA 1000 level course or FYP