Minor in Creative Writing - Spoken Word, Storytelling, and Literary Performance CRWR 3200   Spoken Word, Storytelling, and Literary Performance
This course will explore spoken word, storytelling, and literary performance, with emphasis on the writing of performative genres and the relationship between text and performance. Classes and discussions will examine various approaches to these genres, and the use of theatrical tools and techniques. A range of forms and styles will be analyzed to consider topics like writing for the stage, poetic metre and cadence, voice production, staging/blocking, and the transference of oral art forms to the printed page. Students will receive peer feedback on their original compositions in a workshop environment.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: Completion of CRWR 2000.06 or 2002.03; or 60.0 credit hours, including 6.0 credit hours at the 1000-level in CRWR, ENGL, PERF, or KING.