Minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation - Agricultural and Food Policy (AH) ECOA 3002   Agricultural and Food Policy (AH)
This course introduces students to the structure of the agri-food industry and the process of policy and implementation. A critical assessment of the institutions (organizations, programs, and policies) in agriculture is the main focus of the course. Through guest speakers, students’ presentations, interactive class discussions, and lectures, students will learn how policies are developed and who is involved in the policy development process. An historical appreciation for agricultural policy in Canada will be pursued with a critical assessment of these policies. In reviewing policy problems affecting the agri-food industry, students will examine possible solutions to these issues. Topics covered include: reasons for government intervention; historical development of agri-food policy in Canada; the policy process; players in agriculture and food policy; structure of provincial, federal, and cost-shared programs; consumers and food policy; resource and environmental policy; international agricultural and food policies; trade agreements; and agribusiness involvement in agriculture and food policy.
  • Lecture
  • Lab

PREREQUISITES: ECOA 1000 and at least second-year standing