Minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation - Management Information Systems MGMT 3511   Management Information Systems
Information is a key resource for organizations and professionals. Innovative uses of information are often keys to survival in an increasingly competitive and digital economy. Information systems enable these users and account for an increasing larger share of assets in most organizations. The ability to harness and manage these systems demands a sound understanding of a broad range of concepts, terms, and challenging issues dealing with technologies and strategies. This course is designed to help students acquire these essential skills and become an effective client, user, and manager of these systems. Specifically, the course will help students understand the fundamentals of what, how and why information systems are used in organizations and the technologies that enables them. In addition to lecture materials and theoretical frameworks, students will be exposed to real information systems such as SAP and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and Business Analytics tools via hands-on lab work and exercises.
  • Lecture
  • Lab
  • Discussion
  • Experiential Learning

PREREQUISITES: MGMT 1302.03 and at least second-year standing