Minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation - Issues in Agribusiness Sustainability (A) MGTA 4006   Issues in Agribusiness Sustainability (A)
This course provides students with an understanding that the agribusiness sector faces a number of challenges in meeting the food and beverage demands of a growing world population. Coping with climate change, reduced arable land and water availability, coupled with increased input costs requires a shift in current practices if the agribusiness industry is to compete in both domestic and global markets. The challenge for the agribusiness sector is to be able to profitably produce more food in environmentally and socially responsible ways so that all consumers have access to the food they need at reasonable prices. This course is an opportunity to integrate discipline skills learnt in specialist courses and to analyze specific applications of sustainable management practices in the field of agribusiness.
FORMAT: Online Delivery
PREREQUISITES: AGRI1000.03, MGTA1004.03, MGTA2002.03