IDS Approved Courses From Other Departments - Research Design and Methods ENVI 5035   Research Design and Methods
What is research? This question is central to the areas of inquiry touched upon in this course. In this course we will cover topics such as: the philosophy of knowledge creation; science wars; methodological literacy; approaches to analysis (rigour, triangulation, etc); research proposal design (both qualitative and quantitative); intellectual property; inter/multi/transdisciplinarity; research ethics; and knowledge dissemination. There are four key course objectives: 1) develop foundational understanding of key research concepts; 2) develop an ability to evaluate all forms of research; 3) prepare graduate students with the ability to execute individual thesis research projects through research proposal preparation and communication; and 4) provide graduate students with a general introduction to research related skills that will provide a foundation for research careers. Readings, discussion, guest speakers, and practical exercises will be used throughout the course. Please note that this course is not intended to teach any specific methodological tool, rather it is a point of departure for developing a sound research question, and exploring potential research methods to answer the questions in a research proposal.