IDS Approved Courses From Other Departments - Management of Natural Resources and the Environment ENVI 5504   Management of Natural Resources and the Environment
This course explores foundations of natural resource management through lecture, tutorial, and field trips. In lecture, students explore key management concepts applied in managing natural resources and the environment. Topics include management paradigms, systems, principles, approaches, tools and institutions associated with a wide range of sectors such as fisheries, forests, agriculture, the coastal zone, oceans, parks and protected areas, energy, waste, water, and others. In tutorial, students learn the 'soft skills' necessary to be a successful manager, including receiving training in developing group charters, leadership, conflict resolution, and more. A series of full-day and half-day field trips (during class time) complement the classroom work by allowing students to see natural resource management in action. Case studies complement lectures, seminars and field trips. Teaching format includes lectures, guest speakers, facilitated activities, field experiences, group projects and presentations, and individual written work.