Course Descriptions - Development as Modernity, Modernity as Development INTD 4014   Development as Modernity, Modernity as Development
Development as we understand today is a definite product of the modern condition. Therefore, we cannot understand development unless we understand modernity. But often this relationship is obscured when development is discussed. This course will seek to make sense of modernity and its inter-linkages with development. After looking at some classical understandings of modernity, we will examine the lacunae in such understandings. The way in which actual historical processes of development actualize or subvert the ideal-typical notions of modernity will also be examined. Finally, we will dwell upon the attempts to resist modernity and imagine possibilities that are hitherto not part of the horizons of modernity. Here the debate will be about if it is actually possible to go beyond modernity and inaugurate new understandings of development or are these attempts radicalizing the original intent of modernity.
NOTES: Previously offered as Advanced Seminars in Development - INTD 4011- Development as Modernity and Modernity as Development
FORMAT: Lecture