Courses - Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy /Health Promotion II PHYT 5214   Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy /Health Promotion II
The purpose of this course is for students to develop the competencies needed to provide safe, effective, evidence-based, patient-centered interventions for people with complex and chronic diseases based on three content themes: chronic pulmonary disease (chronic obstructive lung disease, cystic fibrosis, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis), chronic cardiac disease (coronary artery disease, congenital heart disease, heart failure), and critical care and survivorship in adults and children. They will consider how multi-morbidity and frailty, in adults and children, impact patients’ quality of life, life goals and thus physiotherapy management. The role of an interprofessional team in care for people with complex and chronic diseases will be an overarching theme throughout the course. Students will be challenged to build on the knowledge and skills, including clinical reasoning, developed in PHYT 5114 to meet the course objectives. The course runs parallel to PHYT 5460 (Advanced Exercise Physiology) and students will need to use this information to patient assessment and management strategies. This course will address the role of rehabilitation programs in enhancing exercise capacity, self-management, and quality of life in people with chronic diseases. Students will learn to use communication for behavior change techniques as part of physiotherapy management. Students’ appreciation for the challenges of living a meaningful life with chronic disease will be a springboard to explore the role of disease prevention in physiotherapy practice and the health care system at large.
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PREREQUISITES: Successful completion of all MScPT Year 1 fall term courses.