Courses - Integrated Practice II PHYT 6218   Integrated Practice II
This capstone course is the second of the two senior courses in which students develop knowledge, understanding, and skills to address the health issues faced by those who live with complex, chronic health conditions in the context of diverse personal and environmental factors. Having complete the first of their two senior clinical placements, use of case-based learning is progressed to further develop the student’s ability to identify and address their own learning issues related to the development, use, and evaluation of collaborative, client-centered, evidence-based physiotherapy services across the continuum of care. There is continued emphasis on the use of multi-system analysis and clinical reasoning, within the ICF framework, in concert with skills for sensitive, effective collaborative learning and practice, as appropriate for the senior student who is nearing readiness for independent practice.
  • Lecture
  • Lab
  • Tutorial
  • Seminar

PREREQUISITES: PHYT 6501, PHYT6140, PHYT6107, PHYT6118, Integrated Practice Placement #1