General Degree Requirements - Literature: How it Works ENGL 1015   Literature: How it Works
This course provides an overview of literary genres and techniques, and an introduction to the analysis of literary forms and language. Readings will be drawn from the principal literary genres: prose fiction, poetry, drama, and non-fictional prose. Readings will represent a variety of authors, genres, national literatures, and time periods, but the principal emphasis is on the relation of literary form to content and on training students in the close analysis and interpretation of literary meaning.
NOTES: Meets Writing Requirement when taken with any one of ENGL 1005.03, ENGL 1025.03, ENGL 1040.03, ENGL 1050.03, ENGL 1060.03, or ENGL 1100.03.
FORMAT: Lecture
EXCLUSIONS: ENGL1000X/Y.06, ENGL1010.03, ENGL1011.03, ENGL1020.03, ENGL1021.03