General Degree Requirements - German Fiction in Novel and Film II GERM 1027   German Fiction in Novel and Film II
This course is a continuation of GERM 1026.03. It continues to examine the conceptual transition from the printed word to the screen; classic German novels and short stories are to be read and compared with their film versions. All texts will be read in English translation. Some of the best known and most innovative cinematic works will be shown and discussed. All German language films will either be “dubbed” into English or provided with English subtitles.
NOTES: This course along with GERM 1026.03 satisfies the university's guidelines for the Writing Requirement.
FORMAT: Lecture
FORMAT COMMENTS: Meets full Writing Requirement when taken in combination with GERM 1026.03.
EXCLUSIONS: GERM 1020.06, GERM 1021.06, GERM 1024.03 GERM 1025.03