General Degree Requirements - Europe: French Revolution to the Present (Writing Requirement) HIST 1023   Europe: French Revolution to the Present (Writing Requirement)
This course will introduce students to the major themes and events in modern European history. The exact period and topics covered will vary from one year to the next, but typically this course will survey European political, social, and cultural developments from the era of the French Revolution through to the Present. While the lectures for this course are shared with students in HIST 1021, students registered in HIST 1023 will have more instruction in writing and assignments that hone their writing skills, thus allowing this course to satisfy the Writing Requirement.'
NOTES: Students must do BOTH HIST 1022.03 and HIST 1023.03 to satisfy the Writing Requirement.
FORMAT: Lecture
FORMAT COMMENTS: Meets Writing Requirement when taken in combination with HIST 1022.03.
EXCLUSIONS: HIST 1004.06, HIST 1005.06, HIST 1003.03, HIST 1021.03