General Degree Requirements - Introduction to Government and Politics II POLI 1002   Introduction to Government and Politics II
This course, together with POLI 1001, is a general introduction to the study of politics. The two classes together fulfill the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences’ writing requirement. The two courses must be taken in sequence (that is, POLI 1001, followed by POLI 1002) and must be taken in the same academic year. In this introductory course, you will utilize the knowledge gained on the fundamental concepts of political life in POLI 1001 and apply them to gain an understanding of political institutions and political processes. In so doing, you will explore a range of key issues and approaches that animate contemporary politics. Topics will include: The role of institutions in shaping political life; approaches to realizing individual and group representation; and the role of rhetoric and communication in politics. The scope of this course is broad, but maintains a significant focus on these issues as they relate to the study of Canadian politics.
FORMAT: Lecture
RESTRICTIONS: This course must be taken following POLI 1001.03, and in the same year as POLI 1001.03.
EXCLUSIONS: POLI 1500.06, POLI 1060.03, POLI 1065.03