Major Programs - Introduction to the Humanities ASSC 1300   Introduction to the Humanities
What does the term “Humanities” mean? What do the various subjects and disciplines we include under the name ‘Humanities’ share in common that distinguish them from natural sciences or social sciences? What distinguishes these Humanities disciplines from one another? How do they relate to the Arts? What are different arguments for the continued value of studying Humanities, and how might these arguments affect the choices of a Humanities student today? This course aims to orient students to the various possible paths within the Humanities at Dalhousie so they can discover which paths seem most exciting and best suited to their own passions and interests, while also showcasing the interrelations between Humanities subjects and the ways in which they can work together, as well as separately, to offer insights into past, present, and future societies and cultures.
FORMAT: Lecture
FORMAT COMMENTS: This class will consist of one 2-hour lecture and one 1-hour tutorial per week.