Major Programs - Introduction to the Social Sciences ASSC 1400   Introduction to the Social Sciences
Although we are living in an era when the world enjoys the greatest average levels of wealth and health in history, never before have political, social, environmental, and cultural conflicts been so pressing. The world is warming, populism is rising, inequity is growing, and some have argued that the era of liberalism, and with it the social sciences and liberal arts, is all but finished. But is it? There is no textbook with solutions to these challenges, and no “one way” of approaching the future. By bringing together a team of outstanding educators from across FASS, this course aims to inspire an incoming cohort of 1st year students to approach these big issues. In the process, it will illuminate the common goals and unique traits of Social Scientists in FASS, showing the expertise they can bring to the crucial social challenges of our time.
FORMAT: Lecture
FORMAT COMMENTS: This course will consist of one 2-hour lecture and one 1-hour tutorial per week.