Honours Program - Political Inquiry I POLI 3492   Political Inquiry I
This course is an introduction to empirical research methods in political science and the social sciences more generally. It covers a range of issues that are relevant to both qualitative and quantitative empirical research, but the emphasis is on quantitative strategies (i.e., statistical analysis). Key issues include specification of hypotheses, measurement of variables, case selection, choosing and evaluating research designs, and drawing sound inferences from research findings. The “quantitative” component of the course de-emphasizes statistical theory and math, and focuses instead on the generation and interpretation of statistical results, using statistical software. The course is built around a series of small homework assignments, lab sessions, a formal “data analysis paper,” and a midterm and final exam.
  • Lecture
  • Lab

PREREQUISITES: 30 credit hours required, 60 credit hours recommended; previous coursework in Political Science recommended