Community Health and Epidemiology - Principles of Epidemiology and Research Methods CH&E 4010   Principles of Epidemiology and Research Methods
This course is intended for undergraduate Medical Sciences students (others require instructor's permission) without formal training in epidemiology. It introduces the principles of epidemiology and research methods, with examples and applications. Topics include measures of health and risk, study designs, validity, causality, generalizability and critical appraisal of health-related scientific literature.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: Priority will be given to students in the fourth year of the BSc Medical Sciences program. With the instructor’s permission, the course is also available to other upper year undergraduate students. Students must have successfully completed STAT 1060 or equivalent, PHAC 3001, MICI 3115, and at least one of the following: ANAT 3010, PATH 3000, PHIL 2805, PHIL 2810, or SOSA 2503.