First Year Interest Groups (FIGs) - Psychology and Human Behaviour FIGS 0001   Psychology and Human Behaviour
Psychology & Human Behaviour is a group for first year science students with interests in psychology, the brain, human behaviour and mental health. In this FIG, you will meet other first year students and will be able to explore your interests and learn about academic and extra-curricular opportunities. FIGS are a great way to gain unique access and exposure to experts, professors, labs and facilities during your first year in science.
NOTES: Note: For first year students enrolled in the Faculty of Science. FIGS courses are zero credit hours, but will appear as a PASS on the academic transcript if completed.
FORMAT: Seminar
RESTRICTIONS: Restricted to Faculty of Science students (Undeclared Science, Integrated Science, Medical Science, King’s Foundation Year) who have fewer than 16 credit hours.