Minor in Management - The Community as a Living Laboratory MGMT 3701   The Community as a Living Laboratory
This course introduces students to research, concepts and methods for understanding community sustainability across a spectrum of perspectives. In this course, the Halifax community serves as a living laboratory for exploring environmental, social and economic challenges and solutions for community sustainability. Working in groups, students apply evidence-bases approaches to case-based projects using mixed (qualitative and quantitative) research methods to help community organizations (governmental and non-governmental) grapple with real world problems. A variety of tools may be used including systems analysis, environmental audits, field surveys, questionnaires, interviews, and statistical analysis. Students then draw conclusions and make recommendations for improvements on the basis of their analysis, and present them in a final report and powerpoint presentation.
PREREQUISITES: ENVS 1100.03 and ENVS 1200.03 or SUST 2000.06 or SUST 2001.06 or MGMT 1702.03 and MGMT 2702.03 or MGMT 1301.03 and MGMT 1302.03
EXCLUSIONS: ENVS 3502.03, SUST 3502.03