Minor in Classical Literature - Gods, Heroes, and Monsters: Ancient Mythology II CLAS 2104   Gods, Heroes, and Monsters: Ancient Mythology II
An introductory survey of the traditional religious narratives of ancient civilizations including Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel, Greece, and Rome. Of special interest: the function of myth in shaping and expressing a culture's understanding of the divine, the institutions of human community (religion, the family, government), and the natural world; the interrelationships of the myths of those civilizations; the reception of those traditions in the origins of Christian and Islamic culture. The traditional narratives and their broader cultural contexts will be approached through study of primary sources including epic, tragic, and didactic poetry, hymnography, historiography, philosophy, the visual arts, and architecture.
NOTES: This course is the second part of the former full-year course CLAS 2100X/Y.06. This course description reflects the entirety of the pair (CLAS 2103.03 and CLAS 2104.03).
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: Students must be beyond the first year and have completed the writing requirement, and CLAS 2103.03
EXCLUSIONS: CLAS 1100X/Y.06, RELS 1200X/Y.06, CLAS 1103.03, CLAS 1104.03, RELS 1201.03, RELS 1202.03, CLAS2100X/Y.06