Minor in Health Studies - International Health Promotion Research and Policy HPRO 3370   International Health Promotion Research and Policy
The main goal of the course is to introduce students to the ways in which health promotion research questions, methods and ethics, as well as health policies, vary depending upon the specific international context (local and national). A comparative analysis will be undertaken of the disparities in health/well-being between (and within) developed and developing countries while considering the historical development of underdevelopment. Each year the students will choose from a number of cases two that will be examined in-depth by the class. Students will choose from among a variety of key global health issues (e.g. tobacco addiction, health issues for migrant workers, HIV/AIDS and nutrition). Focus will be placed on the social determinants of these health issues/problems, and the types of health promotion research and policy issues needed to address these health problems within particular geographical contexts/countries. One of the central tenets of the course is how societies are organized, and the way in which resources are invested and whose interests the investments serve, affect the health of individuals and populations within the society.
PREREQUISITES: HPRO 1195.03/HEED 1195.03, HPRO 2110.03
RESTRICTIONS: Restricted to Health Promotion students. Others by permission of instructor with priority to Health Professions students.