Minor in Health Studies - Sociocultural Issues in Physical Activity KINE 3200   Sociocultural Issues in Physical Activity
This course will provide students with an introduction to social theory, culture, and social psychology as applied to physical activity and sport. While recognizing that physical activity does not take place in a social vacuum, and that social content often influences how physical activity and sport are experienced, this course explores participation in, and perceptions of physical activity and sport according to gender, social class, age, sexual orientation, ethnic group and nationality. The meaning of physical activity and sport in society, the role of Canadian public policy in promoting and facilitating participation in physical activity, and sport as an agent for social change will also be explored.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: KINE 1106.03 or PSYO 1011.03 or PSYO 1021.03 or PSYO 1031.03 or PSYO 1012.03 or PSYO 1022.03 or PSYO 1032.03 or SOSA 1002.03 or SOSA 1003.03 or SOSA 1200.06 or SOSA 1050.06 or SOSA 1100.06 or PHIL 1000.06 or PHIL 1010.06 or permission of the instructor