Minor in Health Studies - Leisure Theory LEIS 2127   Leisure Theory
This course will provide an introductory analysis of leisure in modern society from sociological, psychological, and social psychological perspectives. The role of leisure in the everyday life of individuals will be discussed in terms of social relationships, life stage, gender, the family, work, attitudes and motivations, etc. In addition, since the role and function of leisure is affected by political, economic, and cultural systems, a main-level perspective on leisure will also be provided by focusing on such topics as the influence of modern technology, the commercialization of leisure, the influence of social institutions and of the mass media.
  • Lecture
  • Discussion

PREREQUISITES: SOSA 1002.03 and 1003.03 or SOSA 1200.06 or PSYO 1011.03, 1021.03, or 1031.03 and PSYO 1012.03 or 1022.03; LEIS 1127.03
RESTRICTIONS: Restricted to School of Health and Human Performance students. Others by permission of instructor, with priority to Health Professions students.