Minor in Security Studies - Exploring Conflict and Violence POLI 3596   Exploring Conflict and Violence
As the Cold War ended, many people believed that we would see an unprecedented era of peace. And yet large-scale violence associated with war and conflict continues to have undeniable relevance for all of humanity. Given the (apparent) increase of ethnic and religious conflicts and spread of advanced weapons technology world wide, providing answers to pressing questions about the onset and escalation of war is becoming more and more imperative. How do we define war and conflict? Are there rules about conduct in war? What are the causes of conflict? Is warfare becoming more common or is it decreasing? What international institutions exist to prevent or intervene in conflict? How has technology changed warfare? Unfortunately, notwithstanding many years of inquiry into the nature and origins of war, many questions remain to be answered. This seminar is designed to provide students with a comprehensive and critical review of the onset, escalation and de-escalation of violent conflict.
FORMAT: Seminar
PREREQUISITES: POLI 2520.03 or POLI 2530.03 recommended