Certificate in User Experience Design and Evaluation - Persuasive Computing Design CSCI 4260   Persuasive Computing Design
Persuasion Technologies (PTs) are interactive systems designed to motivate people to change their behaviours without using coercion or deceit. This course will explore the fundamental theory, principle, and practice in the design, implementation, and evaluation of persuasive systems. Topics include theories of persuasion and behaviour change, persuasive strategies, application of the theories and strategies in persuasive interface/system design, persuasive system evaluation methods, approaches for personalizing and adapting persuasive systems, privacy and ethical issues of persuasive systems. Students will get hands-on experience on persuasive user interface design and evaluation, user studies, behaviour modelling, persuasive affordances of various technological platforms (e.g., mobile, social media, games), and ethics of PT through case analysis, critics, real-world project, project report, and project presentation.