Corporate Residency MBA Program - Personal & Professional Effectiveness I BUSI 5003   Personal & Professional Effectiveness I
The Personal and Professional Effectiveness (PPE) curriculum was developed using input from our Employer Partners and Advisory Council and is honed through continuous feedback from these stakeholders. This ensures that our students have the relevant, practical leadership skills and behaviours they need to be effective in the workplace. Anchored by the core pillars of self-management, engagement, complexity and innovation, the curriculum provides you with the opportunity to explore and develop skills and behaviours related to responsible leadership and career management. Beginning with Orientation, the PPE curriculum spans the 22 months of the Corporate Residency MBA program. The format of the PPE curriculum is innovative, applied and experiential.
  • Lecture
  • Seminar
  • Discussion
  • Experiential Learning

FORMAT COMMENTS: Students are required to register in this course in both the fall and winter semesters, receiving a grade of IP in the fall and a final grade in the winter term
RESTRICTIONS: Restricted to Corporate Residency only