Courses - Strategic Leadership and Change BUSI 6990   Strategic Leadership and Change
The Strategic Leadership and Change course is the capstone course in the MBA (Financial Services) and MBA (Leadership) programs. It provides students with the ability to integrate the concepts and techniques developed in earlier courses. Strategy-formulation abilities are enhanced, and strategy implementation is emphasized. Students are able to develop and apply the skills necessary in managing organizational change.
FORMAT: Other (explain in comments)
FORMAT COMMENTS: For MBA (FS)/L): Blended/ Online (14 weeks), in classroom portion 4.5 days
PREREQUISITES: BUSI 5103, BUSI 5503, BUSI 5511, BUSI 5801, BUSI 6207, BUSI 6326,BUSI 6410, BUSI 6900, and Leadership Specialization –BUSI 6994, BUSI 6996, BUSI 6997 , BUSI 6998 (or BUSI 6995) / or Financial Services Specialization – BUSI 6230, BUSI 6255,BUSI 6300, BUSI 6601