Courses - Sustainable Leadership BUSI 6996   Sustainable Leadership
This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamental key concepts, theories and best practices of the holistic and triple-bottom-line approach to leading organizations sustainably. This course will focus on complexity of organization decision making and the impact these decisions make to society, the environment, individuals, and pubic stakeholders. Furthermore, students will understand how managers and leaders use qualitative skills to create value in a complex organization (e.g., how managers use heuristics to derive knowledge based on both quantitative and non-quantitative information). Topics covered include moving from data to information to knowledge to action; leadership reasoning skills such as reasoning from context cues, reasoning from competing knowledge sources (e.g., competing stakeholder expectations), reasoning from qualitative information; and persuasive skills. Students will be exposed to general management and organizational theories, articles on the various types of organizational issues, and leadership styles and practices. The context of all the discussions will revolve around how sustainable leadership practices can help organizations be centres of sustainable operations.
  • Seminar
  • Online Delivery

FORMAT COMMENTS: Blended/Online 14 weeks of online learning; concluding with 3.5 day intensive session
RESTRICTIONS: Restricted to MBA FSL students