Courses - External Auditing COMM 3114   External Auditing
This course covers the theory and practice of public auditing according to generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS). The course emphasizes Canadian Auditing Standards (CAS) and considers the forces impacting on the setting of standards and the current level of standards. This includes pronouncements of the accounting profession, understanding the operations of auditing teams in a professional setting, as well as understanding the stakeholders and pressures and incentives that impact those stakeholders. The course also provides an understanding of reporting standards, professional ethics, audit planning, risk assessment, standards for examination, as well as internal control in both manual and computerized environments. Standards for the quality of evidence, statistical sampling and the sufficiency of evidence, documentation and working papers are addressed. The course considers typical audit programs for examination of financial statement elements and fraud awareness. The course also introduces the use of data analytics and data visualization as part of the external financial statement audit and reporting to stakeholders.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: COMM 3105.03 with a minimum grade of C