Course Descriptions - Corporate Residency BUSI 7000   Corporate Residency
The eight month corporate residency focuses on enhancing human capital, leadership development and the creation of social capital in organizations. Since job assignments and action learning are effective ways to develop leadership skills, the overall purpose of the residency is to provide students with an opportunity to bridge the practice and science of leadership development by showing the importance of building both human and social capital in organizations. Ways that this can be achieved include 360-degree feedback; experiential skill development programs; on-the-job learning projects; professional reading and reflective conversations; executive coaching; mentoring; networking.
FORMAT: Other (explain in comments)
FORMAT COMMENTS: On-the-job learning experience
PREREQUISITES: BUSI 5000.03, BUSI 5103.03, BUSI 5201.03, BUSI 5801.03, BUSI 5401.03, BUSI 5503.03, BUSI 5512.03, BUSI 5551.03, BUSI 5703.03, BUSI 6900.03
RESTRICTIONS: Restricted to Corporate Residency only