Master of Science (MSc) - Introduction to Health Services Research and Policy CH&E 5040   Introduction to Health Services Research and Policy
This course introduces students to basic concepts and tools in health services research important for critical evaluation of health systems and policy. The course provides an overview of the evolution and delivery, organization, and financing of health systems in Canada and explores concepts and tools used to evaluate them. In addition, the course examines current topics in health systems in Canada, such as health system financing and sustainability of health care, primary care, pharmaceutical policy, and high-cost health care users. Academic rigor and policy relevance are of primary emphasis throughout the course, and active class participation is a critical component.
PREREQUISITES: CH&E 5010 Principles of Epidemiology and Population Health and CH&E 5019 Principles of Biostatistics. Students also must have already taken, or must be concurrently enrolled in, CH&E 6020 Advanced Epidemiology and CH&E 6019 Biostatistical Modeling