Master of Science (MSc) - Introduction to Global Health CH&E 6003   Introduction to Global Health
This seminar provides an introduction to the interdisciplinary scope of global health, including a broad array of theoretical approaches, methodologies, and thematic areas of focus. This seminar introduces students to the basic principles of global health that are used to improve population health at all levels. The course will start with an introduction to essential concepts from public health disciplines that are the foundations of global health practice. Students will then apply these concepts to current global health challenges through course activities, assignments, and readings that will provide a real world context. The format of inquiry will be that of a seminar wherein students review research and exchange results through analysis, discussion, and presentation. Throughout the course, students will gain critical and creative-thinking experience in applying tools and frameworks towards addressing diverse global health needs. Students will be encouraged to relate course work to their professional interests. We will use Brightspace for course information, postings and readings. It is essential that you learn how to access material on this site and that you complete all readings required for each week. You will likely specialize for much of your degree. This course offers opportunities for you to explore, be exposed to and influenced by a range of materials and scholars in fields other than your own.
  • Seminar
  • Discussion