Master of Science (MSc) - Systematic Review and Meta-analysis in Health Care CH&E 6049   Systematic Review and Meta-analysis in Health Care
Systematic reviews are recognized as one of the most useful and reliable tools to help decision-makers make evidence-informed decisions. Systematic reviews attempt to provide answers to health care questions by systematically identifying, appraising and synthesizing relevant studies using methods that limit potential bias. Widespread and growing use of systematic reviews to synthesize evidence makes it useful for health researchers and professionals to be able to understand, critique, and perform this type of research study. This course will introduce principles of evidence-informed practice and provide an overview of current systematic review methods. The course will focus on the more developed methods of systematic review/meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials for interventions, however will address application of methods to systematic reviews of non-randomized and non-intervention studies. Specific topics will include: formulating a research question for a systematic review, literature searching, critical appraisal of studies, synthesis of study results including meta-analysis, reporting and interpretation, and knowledge translation.