Master of Science (MSc) - Measurement in Epidemiological Research CH&E 6080   Measurement in Epidemiological Research
This course will focus on methodological issues related to the measurement of exposures, outcomes, and other relevant covariates in epidemiological research. Topics to be covered include ecological perspectives in health research measurement, available measurement tools, how to design your own measures and scale development, assessment of reliability and validity, health and quality of life measures, and judging measurement quality. Students will learn how to choose an instrument when designing an epidemiological study and understand the implications of measurement error on their analyses.
PREREQUISITES: CH&E 5010.03 Principles of Epidemiology and Population Health, CH&E 5019.03 Principles of Biostatistics. Students must have already taken, or be concurrently enrolled CH&E 6020 Advanced Epidemiology and CH&E 6019 Biostatistical Modeling