Master of Science (MSc) - Clinical Epidemiology Research Methods CH&E 6090   Clinical Epidemiology Research Methods
Clinical epidemiology is the use of basic epidemiological principles as applied by clinicians, scientists and policy-makers to inform decision-making on the diagnosis, prognosis and therapy for patients and families. This course will introduce students to the language of clinical epidemiology, the features of structured clinical questions on diagnosis, prognosis and therapy, and common study designs used in clinical epidemiology. The course will emphasize core clinical research methods used to inform clinical practice, namely randomized clinical trials, systematic reviews and meta-analysis, and clinical practice guidelines. Students will be required to select a question of interest, consider the patient and other stakeholder perspectives, and design a fundable proposal for a pilot clinical trial, systematic review, or practice guideline. Students should prepare for the course by developing a preliminary research question that can be addressed using one of these study designs. In exploring these study designs, patient important outcomes will be emphasized, including the engagement of patients in prioritizing outcomes for research and participating in the research process from initial research stages through to the implementation of the study findings.
PREREQUISITES: CH&E 5010 Principles of Epidemiology and Population Health, CH&E 5019 Principles of Biostatistics, CH&E 6020 Advanced Epidemiology, CH&E 6019 Biostatistical Modeling