Master of Information Management (MIM) - Collaboration, Part 1 (Elective) MGMT 5009   Collaboration, Part 1 (Elective)
Geographically dispersed workplace teams who cross time, space and organizational boundaries are increasingly common. Information managers increasingly contribute expertise to ensure that such teams have effective decision-making processes and contribute to organizational strategic goals. Virtual collaboration can take place through many modes including audio or teleconferencing, online communities and others. Team members have a common purpose and interdependent organizational and performance goals. This course introduces theories and concepts relating to the rationale for, benefits and challenges of virtual workplace teams, steps for developing effective virtual teams and examples of technology that supports such teams.
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FORMAT COMMENTS: Online via Brightspace including some or all of the following: voice-over presentations, video presentations, group discussions, instructor/student threaded discussions, hyper-linked lecture notes, live chat, etc.