IDS Approved Courses From Other Departments - Research Design and Methods ENVI 5035   Research Design and Methods
This course serves two main functions: A) learning about research design; and B) facilitating the production of a credible research proposal. Strong research proposals will ultimately become the foundation for a successful and on-time thesis. Here, we develop this knowledge by formulating thesis research proposals in a stepwise, iterative process via course discussions, assignments and peer review. This course does not replace but supports the guidance that you will receive from your thesis supervisor and committee. Openness to interdisciplinary concepts will be critical for all because we expect peer engagement over the diverse topics we cover in SRES. Students are usually enrolled in the Master of Environmental Studies and will do the following in relation to that program (although students from other thesis-based programs may also find it useful): 1. Understand the scope of a thesis and its typical process/stages; 2. Recognize and compose viable research problems, purposes and research questions/hypotheses as appropriate; 3. Review the literature relevant to their project for knowledge gaps and suitable methods; 4. Select suitable theoretical and technical frameworks to guide the work; 5. Evaluate research philosophies and methods to select those appropriate to their research questions and other constraints; 6. Apply ethical practices in their research; 7. Communicate their research plans effectively in written and visual modes; and, 8. Prepare a full thesis proposal for consideration by their supervisor and committee members.