Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Nursing - Doctoral Seminar NURS 6300   Doctoral Seminar
The goal of the doctoral seminar is for students and faculty to share the findings from their research, engage in scholarly debate, and foster scholarship. The seminar will facilitate proposed and ongoing research between and among doctoral students, faculty members, and other keystakeholders. Focus is on the critical examination of the research process in nursing, health service delivery, and policy decision-making with an emphasis on maintaining the links between the research problem, theory, and research methods. Consideration is given to both quantitative and qualitative research approaches, designs, and data collection and analysis. Knowledge translation as a core component of research design will be discussed. Strategies for critically analyzing research studies and for utilizing findings are examined.
NOTES: Students taking this course must register in NURS 6300 in both the Fall and Winter term; Successful completion of fall components will result in a grade of IP, with a final grade assigned for the course in the Winter.