Immunization - Advanced Practice Role Practicum NURS 5620   Advanced Practice Role Practicum
This course provides the student with the opportunity to integrate, synthesize and analyze previously developed knowledge and skills in an intensive clinical practice experience directly related to the student’s chosen client population/discipline in an advanced nursing practice role. Practice settings will offer experiences with clients experiencing acute and chronic illness states with multiple and complex care needs. While implementing the advanced practice role, students will consider the organizational, political, and healthcare policy-related issues that relate to advanced nursing practice and change in healthcare delivery that affect role development and implementation.
FORMAT: Other (explain in comments)
FORMAT COMMENTS: Clinical Practicum Experience
PREREQUISITES: NURS 5486.03, or NURS 5487; NURS 5732.03; NURS 5734.03; NURS 5735.03; NURS 5740.03; NURS 5610.03 is a pre or co-requisite