Courses - Advanced Health Assessment NURS 5740   Advanced Health Assessment
This course prepares students to perform advanced health assessments of infants and children, as well as young, middle-aged, and elderly adults who are healthy, as well as those who are experiencing illness. It will focus on the knowledge, skills, and processes required for advanced health assessment. Students will develop competence in completing focused and comprehensive health assessments including history taking, physical examination, synthesis, critical analysis, diagnostic reasoning, clinical judgement, and interpretation of health data. Students will further develop their understanding of the pathophysiological basis of clinical findings and will integrate an increasing knowledge of pathophysiology and pharmacology as a basis for formulating a plan of care. Elements of an advanced health assessment include physical and mental health, psychosocial, family, cultural, and community factors, the determinants of health, and risk appraisal as they relate to a client’s health status. Clinical, theoretical, and scientific knowledge will be synthesized in the identification and management of existing and potential states of health and illness. Approaches to effective written and verbal communication of advanced health assessments to lay and health professional colleagues will be addressed. It is expected that students will be competent in basic health assessment techniques prior to beginning the course. All students will develop an Individual Learning Plan [ILP] to guide their learning experience.
  • Lab
  • Seminar

FORMAT COMMENTS: Seminar with lab and practicum components