Master of Science in Occupational Science - Capstone Project: Leadership through Occupation OCCU 6514   Capstone Project: Leadership through Occupation
This course will be held over 3-4 terms. In the Occupational Science Program, graduate students have gained theoretical knowledge; critically examined intersecting occupational contexts and tensions between individuals, groups, communities and society; and related them to living as occupational beings. In this course, students will identify a defined cluster of these complexities for their Major Project, and will experience the context and tensions firsthand by engaging with, and taking leadership in, making an occupational change in a chosen organization/system. Students will further deepen and solidify their appreciation and understanding of occupational science through this experience. Drawing on occupational science theories, change theories, leadership and critical themes, students will create a plan that allows them to take leadership in making an occupational change at the level of services, systems, and/or policies. Once students start this course, they are expected to enroll in this course each term during which time they will receive a grade of “In Progress” (IP). A final grade will only be assigned in the last term when course requirements are completed.
FORMAT: Online Delivery
PREREQUISITES: Only available for those students enrolled in the Occupational Science Program