Certificate in Data Science - Geospatial Info Management MGMT 4681   Geospatial Info Management
Spatial information is the air and water that makes mapping and spatial analysis possible. Mobile applications using maps are some of the most popular and often used web-based applications; they are also cloud based which added another layer of management issues. Maps, GIS and the use of spatial information have never been more popular or public. This course addresses the effective management of spatial information. The course covers principles and practices associated with metadata, GIS, licensing, spatial information databases, map libraries and archives, spatial data infrastructures and web-based delivery of products and services, as well as distributed systems such as geolibraries, "digital earth" and the development of the "spatial cloud". This course is geared towards the manager who seeks to deploy services associated with spatial information and effectively develop an enterprise approach to managing spatial information. The course will also provide hands-on experience in using GIS and related technologies so as to be able to better understand how to deploy services, especially over the web.
NOTES: NOTE: MGMT classes cross listed with INFO graduate classes are restricted and require approval from the School of Information Management.