Certificate in Organic Agriculture - Composting and Compost Use (A) DE APSC 2003   Composting and Compost Use (A) DE
Composting and the utilization of organic matter produced on the farm provide the basis for soil fertility in organic systems; however, potential benefits derived from compost use are often limited by the supply and quality of composts produced on-farm. The objective of this web-based course is to teach composting primarily by providing students with the opportunity to make their own compost over a period of 13 weeks. Students learn through five stand-alone modules: Composting of Organic Materials; Composting Process; On-Farm Composting; Compost Quality; and Compost Utilization and Marketing.
NOTES: Making compost and completing all five modules will be a requirement for students who are taking the course for credit.
FORMAT: Online Delivery
FORMAT COMMENTS: DE - Only offered as a web-based/online course.