Welcome - Introduction to Arabic I ARBC 1021   Introduction to Arabic I
Introduction to Arabic I focuses on the acquisition of the elementary foundation in Arabic language. It also offers basic information regarding the Arab world: ancient and modern culture and civilization, daily life, religions, literature, etc. The variety of Arabic offered by this course is Modern Standard Arabic, which represents the Arabic language nowadays used in all Arab countries in formal communication. Modern Standard Arabic is used in writing, but it is also a spoken language used in many formal situations.This course aims to cover: writing with Arabic characters, reading simple original texts in Arabic, the basic components of Arabic grammar and basic daily vocabulary. Some elements of spoken Arabic varieties (dialects) may be offered as well in the second term.
NOTES: This course is the first part of the former full-year course ARBC 1020X/Y.06. This course description reflects the entirety of the pair (ARBC 1021.03 and ARBC 1022.03). This course along with ARBC 1022.03 fulfills the BA language requirement.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: Student wishing to take ARBC 1021.03: Introduction to Arabic I must take the Arabic Placement Test (APT). This test is administered by the instructor at the beginning of the regular academic session.
EXCLUSIONS: ASSC 1020X/Y.06, ARBC 1020X/Y.06