Welcome - Intermediate Arabic II ARBC 2022   Intermediate Arabic II
This course aims at continuing to consolidate the grammar and vocabulary acquired at the first level (Introduction to Arabic) and in ARBC 2021, and to improve reading and correct use of the syntactical structures in both oral and written communication. The course will also provide the student with the foundation necessary for reading standard forms of Arabic prose (especially newspapers) and for using Modern Standard Arabic in conversation. Written and oral translations from Arabic into English and vice-versa will be frequently proposed to the students in order to attain this purpose.
NOTES: This course is the second part of the former full-year course ARBC 2020X/Y.06. This course description reflects the entirety of the pair (ARBC 2021.03 and ARBC 2022.03).
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: ARBC 2021.03, or permission of the instructor
EXCLUSIONS: ASSC 2020.06, ARBC 2020.06