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Competitive Strategy focuses on how a firm competes at various levels; that is, functional, business and corporate. The course is designed to analyze the sources of competitive advantage among firms and to develop knowledge and skills necessary for effectively analyzing and formulating strategy. Accordingly, the course examines the role of the general manager in the organization; environmental and industry factors; organizational resource and capability constraints; the creation of value through functional-, business-, and corporate-level strategies, and, finally, how an organization leverages its resources and capabilities to extend its product and geographic scope internationally. Building upon this foundation, students will practice formulating well thought-out strategy recommendations that are specific and actionable. Throughout the term, students will be exposed to a wide variety of organizations through readings, case studies, and experiential exercises.
PREREQUISITES: All required first, second, and third year core courses, including the three work-terms, for the Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op) program.
EXCLUSIONS: MGMT 4001.03, MGMT 4003.03